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lat 53.596 Long -0.725 Grid IO93po WAB SE81: Operator Martin.

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Hello, my name is Martin, I have been a licensed radio ham since 1977 and am a keen radio enthusiast, I currently operate on most of the ham radio bands HF 160 to 30mhz, 6m, 2m and 70cm plus I am also active on the echolink system and the hamsphere virtual ham radio system.

What is Ham Radio or (Amateur Radio) as it's also known. Firstly it is a hobby enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide, it is described by many organisations as a means of self-training in radio communication, but today Ham Radio has many uses including emergency and disaster communication where normal lines of communication have failed, and in countries such as the US for example where severe weather systems have in the past caused devastation bringing down power lines and causing severe flooding, Ham Radio is taken very seriously and is very much appreciated by first responder services, as it is in some areas of the uk, but these are not everyday occurrences thank goodness and radio hams don't sit around waiting for some disaster or other to happen, some radio hams also use mobile radio equipment to provide communications on events such as marathons and endurance horse rides etc, but for most operators ham radio is used as a means to make new friends all over the world, with high power transmitters and elaborate antenna systems radio hams work other stations from many countries

Where does Ham Radio have its roots and where did it start, ham radio goes back to the very beginning of radio as we know it, it can be traced back to the 19th century See Wikipedia ,some of the early experimenters and pioneers of radio were described as amateurs. As late as the 1960's and 70's operators built their own transmitters and receiver's from either kits or parts from the junk box of old radios or used PMR radios retuned to work on the Ham bands. It was also around this time that the first serious purpose built ham radio equipment appeared (Black Boxes) as we called them mostly built overseas they offered the radio ham that didn't want to spend hours sweating over a hot soldering iron an easy option to get on air quickly.

Today this equipment is highly sophisticated and costs hundreds even thousands of pounds to buy, but offers the ham radio operator a very professional approach to the hobby.

On  Call martin.g8nqn or email martin@g8nqn.co.uk

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